Trouble with closing

I’m a good coach and my marketing for my business works well. Lots of people come to me, apply to work with me, and then if they sign on, they are nearly always getting the results and having a powerful coaching experience. However, I’ve always known that enrolling clients is my weakest link, and my conversion rate is quite low. I get frustrated when I’m doing client enrollment, as I am right now, and I have a number of free sessions where most people don’t sign on to work with me. The free sessions go well but then I falter when it comes to getting that clear yes or no. I’m afraid of feeling too pushy or pressure-y as when I’ve tried out some tactics in the past, I’ve had twice a potential client say they felt pressured. Instead, I take a very laid-back approach. I don’t know the words to say to close, basically, that actually locks the sale but also isn’t too pressure-y. I’d love some guidance on this. Or perhaps there is a training on doing intake sessions? Thank you!