trouble with math and mind drama

I am enrolled for certification.
I cannot help but comparing what I would need to charge for a coaching session to “make up” for my current salary.
My montly salary is 6800 USD before personal taxes.
I may spent 1150 USD on marketing / month for my coaching business.
this means I need to generate 7950 USD /month as a life coach.

I may offer weekly coaching to 10-20 clients, let’s say coaching 15 people/week is sensible.
7950 / 15 = 530 USD / month or 132 USD / session

my drama is that I have to leave a perfectly fine job.
I replace the well-paid job for uncertainty. I simply cannot imagine anyone paying 132 USD / session.
When I look what other coaches take for their services my “offer” seems very overpriced.

I also have trouble imagining that I coach say 30 people/week for reasons later in the question.

I know the worst thing that can happen is that I switch back to my old job
the best thing would be that I have more freedom, deeper self-knowledge and possibility of boundless earning capacity

I know that to break 100k I will need to include group sessions and paid learning materials.

for group sessions I need to have an established clientele, more than I manage to coach 1:1.
The learning materials need to be of such a quality that people are willing to pay.

I would need to create podcast or write blogs to give people results in advance.

this is all fine.

My “why” for enrolling LCS certification comes from a place of realization that I am struggling with my mental health (it is better after joining, thanks)
but still it happens frequently that I collapse mentally and physically.
I will get through the day at my work (or if weekend) collapse on the carpet without getting myself to reach out to people, go in the nature, work out or write diary.
I find it interesting how I can feel such intense emotional numbness and a few days ( or even hours ) later the world is full of colors and joy.
I believe that I would not crash that hard if I took care of resting during these sessions of extreme hyperfocus and work delivery.
Some days I have absolutely no explanation to why I am feeling bad, I just do.
I realize after listening to the private podcast that my mind probably is ruminating about some deep-held believes about myself.
I need to work on those during my periods of hyperfocus and feeling good.
I am a slow emotional self-feeler, I usually first become sad when another person points out that I look sad.
I can be very good at recognizing emotional changes in other people, but I am rarely sure what their current mental state is.
This is my second “why” for certification, to work on understanding emotional intelligence.

And finally, I find it questionable if I can show up to the people that I am coaching if I have a moment of numbness.

I am telling myself that certification is for my self-improvement.
then the thought pops up “isn’t certification overshooting your needs?”

I can hardly appreciate how much therapy/mentoring/coaching I can get for 7 x 3000 USD?