Trying to figure out next steps…

I am currently building a network marketing business, and my belief for March is around reaching a certain rank this year within my company.

I currently am not making a lot of money with it, but as my business grows, that will change. I do need more income right now, though, and I’m trying to find a solution that will still allow me the flexibility to maintain our current lifestyle with me being able to walk my daughter to school, still do my daughters’ dance classes, etc. Basically maintain my current schedule and also ideally not get a full time job.

A few years ago I did a coach training program, and after that, I had one paying client, and I did one paid program that was a group coaching program.

I would like to start coaching (again), but I’m wondering if trying to get a coaching business off the ground would detract too greatly from my network marketing business. I feel like I need income soon, and I question whether I’m able to make money as a coach as soon as I need to.

Something else I have going on is my podcast. I have a podcast that is on hiatus, and it is my plan to relaunch next month. I want it to support my business, but it could also perhaps be an avenue to gain coaching clients.

So I guess my fear is that if I try to grow my network marketing business while starting a coaching business while relaunching my podcast, I’ll fail… meaning… I won’t make money and will have to go get a J O B. But if the alternative is getting a JOB now, then what have I got to lose? haha. Maybe I’d rather epically fail at doing what I really want to do rather than not even try. I think that’s true. But I still wonder how I can possibly have time for it all.

Is it too much to start a coaching biz while continuing my network marketing business? (And restarting my podcast?)

And I really also feel like I do need at least a part-time job on top of all of this for now as well to bring in income right now.

I’m scared I won’t have time for it all. I feel like I’m not being as effective as I’d like on getting my home clear and decluttered so I wonder how I can add these other things.

Thank you for any wisdom or ideas you have!