Using The Model with my business and wellness coaching clients

Since I’ve been in scholars, it’s amazing to see how this has helped me be a better business coach, because I see how everything relates back to the mind no matter the topic. That said, it’s been really making me think about how I approach my coaching business.

In addition to my business coaching, I’m also a certified nutritionist. Years ago, I had a thriving practice helping clients on the wellness side of the fence, and I’ve been yearning to find a way to merge the best of these worlds, and I think I’ve found the bridge with the addition of life coaching. My wish is to create a hybrid that offers a holistic mix of life, wellness and business coaching all in one program.

My questions is: May I use the model with my clients even though I’m not certified through The Life Coach School? I find that with my current clients, I can clearly see the model in action! After 3 months in Scholars, The Model has become such a big part of my way of life and thinking. If I’m allowed to implement the concepts in my program, I will always credit Brooke as the creator.

Thanks for the help!