Want to start a business

I’ve been wanting to start a business of my own for a very long time. For the last year, I’ve shifted my focus completely to resources on starting a business, improving my mindset, learning about money. Prior to SCS, I was absolutely sure about a program I found (and paid a lot of money for) that would teach me to find a product that is in demand and build a business around it, with sales primarily on Amazon. . My goal prior to SCS was to just replace my 9-5 income ($110k) with a business I can run on my own with flexibility (I have 2 small kids). I’ve been reading books, watching videos, and consuming so much “entrepreneurship” content that I feel more lost than ever now that I’m in SCS. I don’t think I have much interest in becoming a coach and always had the idea of a product.

Now with SCS, I’ve learned more about refining your niche and offer. I know there’s no right answer, but I want to get started with something. I saw the worksheet on refining your niche and saw that if it has nothing to do with health, wealth, or relationships, then the niche should change and of course, I planned to buy the book referenced. But then I realized that I’m continuing to buffer by reading and consuming more information instead of just starting something. Because with a product, there’s an inventory cost, I’m also hesitant to just pick something random and waste what I’m telling myself could be my kids’ college fund. I’m almost 37 and feel like time is not on my side and have to make a good choice, or at least the one that seems the best option (aka most likely to stick and most profitable).

So now, I have the time set aside during my day that I’m honoring (sitting at my desk), but I feel like I have nothing to work on because I’m so confused about how to choose a product niche. So I start working on that program that I purchased because I think that seems like the best option but the whole time I’m doing the “boring work” I keep thinking that there’s a better way to start a business where maybe I don’t have to follow cookie-cutter instructions and even when I do launch the profit margins I know will be very low.

I must acknowledge also that I know that thinking about the profit this early is not serving me, but instead I should be thinking of the offer. In one of the coaching calls, Brooke said “just pick something” and the rule follower in me tells me that I need to do a market analysis, aka more research, and not just “pick something” willy nilly.

I’m so frustrated with myself because it seems like my ducks are in a row now (time carved out, husband on board to take over bedtime routines with the kids, I’m honoring the time by sitting at my computer), but then when I’m sitting at my computer I’m thinking, okay, now what am I actually working on and most of the time, I continue to buffer by finding even more information, which keeps adding to the confusion of what to start on.

So much information, but ultimately, I think I’m asking the question that maybe seems so easy to everyone: how do I choose what business to start? I have some ideas but none seem good.