Webinar and positioning (PA)

Hi coach,

I have a 2 part question.
First of all, I was in Dallas for the business workshop and it was amazing, thank you for doing that.

Having said that, the positioning part of the work is really bugging me because I think I want to be positioning as professional (always on time, honouring my word, not too harsh but firm) and also I think I am casual (can do a fb live on a sofa or on my desk, have more of a chat instead of teaching, or teaching in a more relax way), and I’m finding difficult to find a way to describe my positioning.
Do you have any examples of positioning, like description, that I can maybe identify myself with?
I feel like an identity crises LOL need to know who I am to know my positioning as a coach.

The second part of the question is about webinars.
Brooke recommends to do webinars every week (or more), and I want to add this to my practice.
I asked a while back about webinars and doing the marketing about the webinar so we have people coming to watch it… and I saw webinars as something seasonal when you want to get more people in and my idea was to do quarterly. But now I want to do weekly.
How would I go to do the marketing for a weekly webinar? My ideas are: email my list, post on fb and ig, create event on fb, post in groups on fb, talk about it on my fb lives.
My list is only 140 people and I still don’t have a big audience, and of course I want to do webinars to increase that, so any advice is appreciate it. 🙂