weight loss niche

I am a trained chef and realized that my lifelong focus on food created a lot of drama for me as I worked my way through Brooke’s weight loss and Overdrinking program. I needed to learn how to reconcile my constant interaction with food through cooking, tasting and seeking out the best ingredients with my desire to desire food less. However using her tools, and managing my thoughts around food, has been such a game changer for me. I have not only lost the weight and stopped drinking, but my mind has expanded to explore and discover so many more positive ways to focus my energy.
In considering my niche, my initial thought is “weight loss for foodies”. Is that too broad? Female foodies?
I have also thought “weight loss for professional chefs” could be an even more narrow audience. I am just unsure whether I would be able to drum up enough clients who are chefs, versus just plain “foodies”. Thoughts?
Thank you.