What would make my online course irresistible at $97?

In the Entrepreneur course, module 5: Making Offers to Help, Brooke talks about coming up with an offer so irresistible that the purchase is a no-brainer.

I feel that my course is so worth the price of $97 for the incredible value I offer, but many online marketers in my space (knitting and yarn crafting) are offering at a low price point (about $25-35) for a hefty 5-module course with worksheets, patterns, and tutorials. Unfortunately, most courses are priced far below what they are worth, and there is a TON of work that goes into a class like this, that goes way beyond just talking head videos. You need b-roll demos, which takes lots of planning. It took months to build this course and to sell it for 30 bucks would be ridiculous.

So my questions are – do I go for it even though my competition is selling at a low price point, and be a change maker and break the price barrier and consider my approach high-end, “boutique” pricing? (ie: Barnum & Bailey vs. Cirque Du Soleil). My heart says: ignore the competition, believe in my vision and go for it.

My biggest concern though, is that once I price it, there’s no turning back because it may look like I’m discounting my offering to those I’ve already marketed to in the past.

Thanks for the help! 🙂