Why do I need to narrow my niche? Don’t people hire Life Coaches anymore?


I started my business around 2 years ago, and I chose a niche based on what I thought others would understand, not necessarily what I was the most passionate about: Enter, Career Coach. For about 6 months now, I haven’t felt passionate about it at all, and I think the lack of passion has been holding me back from achieving my goals in my business. I was hardly taking action, and now I’m just spinning out.

I asked myself what would be the most ideal best case scenario client coming to me on a consult. My ideal dream would be for someone to hire me to help them totally makeover their life, or just general life coaching. I want to be a general life coach, but all the advice out there in the coach world / social media world/ plus SCS (Literally your form says to pick a different market!!!) is “you have to niche down to have any success”. So I want to do something different, and market myself differently, but I’m scared I will stop having as much business if I do, because that’s what everyone , including you, are saying.

Don’t people still hire general life coaches?

Help please <3

Thank you!