$250K in 7 weeks

My future self has grown from the $250K+ I’ve made this year from group coaching and private coaching to making $2million/year within the next 2 years.

My initial goal I declared Dec 2018 was/is: $2million/year within three years.

My revenue goal this year is $500K.

To make that additional $250K by the end of 2019 I know the math and how many offers that is.

But I don’t want to just sell an additional $250K, I want to REALIZE that amount because I’m making $500K this year so that must be how it happens?

So then this brings up a thought obstacle that I think is a great opportunity:

“You can’t offer something and follow through on it that is worth $250K in the weeks remaining in this year.” (because one of the constraints I’ve set for myself in reaching my $2million goal is that I constrain my work hours and manage my thoughts/emotions and do this is a kind, sustainable, fun, healthy way).

So, I’m looking at this thought, “You can’t do this….” as an opportunity this creative tension (creative tension being created by the constraints: $250K more to make in 7 weeks, have never done that before, and cannot overwork/be unhealthy/come from scarcity to get there) is providing me.

My $2million self for sure knows how to do this…

“That’s how valuable my services are.”
“What I can do can solve a problem/create a solution/experience that is worth $250K x 10 to someone….”

The next thought that comes up is, “But she knows people I don’t know…”

But that’s also just a thought.
I have a thought that the people who want my $250Kx10 kind of value/services do not currently know me, are not listening to my podcast, or following me.

But those are also thoughts…..

My future self/$2million self doesn’t even say, “I know I can do this….” because she has done it and repeated it. It’s not an interesting challenge to her any more because…it’s not a challenge anymore.

My future self also said, “you know coaching is priceless, not to mention capable of helping you create the mindset that creates $250K in 7 weeks, so get coached and don’t just do it in your own head.”

If I am missing something I would love to hear your perspective! Thank you!