136.6 lb and funny brain

C: scale reads 136.6 lb
T: oh crap, something’s gone terribly wrong!
F: panicked
A: think about what I ate yesterday, wondered where I went wrong and how I could have gained so much
R: I make myself wrong

C: scale reads 136.6 lb, and yesterday it read 138.2 lb
T: I’m on the right track and I didn’t even realize it. Cool!
F: relieved
A: laugh at myself, lighten up (literally!), relax and realize the protocol I’ve planned is working and that I’ve already planned today’s meals and don’t have to think about food (just follow the plan)
R: trust my past self to take care of my present and future self; stay on track.

This all happened in the span of a minute, before coffee, but it just goes to show how neutral a circumstance like weight is…the same 136.6 lb put me into a panic until I realized that it was not actually higher than yesterday…all based on the thoughts I had. Very entertaining to watch my brain do its thing!