Being the best Artist I can be during the loosing 8 pounds month

To do the month work I need a compelling reason. There is where I’m not sure. My BMI is 20.4. I’ve never been overweight. Don’t eat flour, sugar, don’t drink. Sport everyday. But… I’m still frustrated that I eat often without being hungry. ‘Only’ fruits, all healthy. When I eat when not hungry I’m aware of the buffering I do. My goal is sell my art. Last year I didn’t reach my goal, so this year I’ve the same goal. I improved but still have work to do, especially on the social media side. It scares me. So my question is. When doing the work for the loosing 8 pounds month, I’ll have to deal with the buffering, and that will help me in my goal as well. Selling my art. Or is this deviating form my goal/ Should I better concentrate on. y goal directly, and leave this loose 8 pounds work? 
My model
C. Loose 8 pound month
T. I don’t really have to loose weight
F. Not determined
A. Not sticking to my food plan, finding excuses for not following plan, negotiating with myself
R. Not loose 8 pounds 

C. Loose 8 pound month
T. It’s an opportunity to stick with my plan (in all fields), no matter what
F. Determined
A. Make a plan for food and work, eat on plan, post as planned on fb/insta, make video’s, put prices on my work on social media, invite to buy my art, put myself out in general
R. Did all I could (and planned) for my art, along the way, learnt to trust myself food-wise.

Thank you for your thoughts on this.