Getting past a plateau

Hi Brooke,

This is my second month in Scholars. In March (in Q2, really), I committed to changing my habits away from buffering with food and alcohol and towards experiencing my emotions, and also towards self-care and living with less pressure. This has been easier than I thought, although being in lockdown has helped! To date I have lost 20 lbs and am getting fit and toned. I’ve been using intermittent fasting (generally a 6 hour window, but also 8- and 4- hour windows to accommodate how my eating patterns have been and to allow the occasional cheat meal when out socializing with others). Despite feeling comfortable in my body again, I’m only halfway towards my weight loss goal and have remained right around at 186 despite sticking to the intermittent fasting (I’m 5’11”). I use the 4 hour window if I have allowed some sugar/alcohol or some carbs to pass my lips the previous day when at dinner parties, etc. I’m aware (and heard you reinforce this on your coaching call last night) that the slippage is probably to blame with the plateau, so will address that. My question is around those of us with slow metabolisms, whether eating too little food may also be a culprit? Have you found this to be true in some cases? Or should I just focus on my promises to my future self?

Many thanks for the gift of weight loss, and many others that come from your program.