Hair loss- constant stress, river of misery?

My buffering has gone from eating to a 9 on 6 days of the week, to wanting to stop at a 5 after most meals. I still eat off protocol, and am doing my daily evaluations on what did, didn’t work and what I’ll do differently. I’m planning ahead, and checking to make sure I approve of my plan and am being kind to myself with it.

I’m starting to lose hair, and the buffering really has only been this low in about a week. I notice myself CONSTANTLY anxious, more so than when I was eating. I’m telling myself that this is b/c the emotions are at the surface, on a new level than I’ve ever experienced.

Life does not feel 50-50 right now, and if this is what 50-50 feels like… blehg. I still want freedom from this-to not be chained to food and to show up for my clients as a person who has overcome emotional eating.

The more I dig into my business (I’m a weight coach who helps women w/depression) I feel more hypocritical b/c I’m not doing it perfectly.

C: Less buffering
T: I am doing this right
F: Peace despite negative emotion
A: Continue on, accumulate urges
R: Follow through, do it right.

This model feels reachable to me, yet I still feel I’m missing something?