How to recognize and stop the binge cycle

I’ve been focusing on weight loss for the month of May, and was super excited to see this as SCS’s focus for June. I need help understanding my thoughts that get me into self sabotage binge scenarios and how to recognize them before it happens.
I’ve written my protocol, I am focusing on watching thoughts that create ass grabs after dinner, noticing the physical feelings, etc…all the things-and making progress.
This weekend I went back to my habit of binging on so much random food after the family went to bed. The next day felt sick to my stomach. I journaled all the items I ate. However, I still didn’t get my thoughts cleaned up to refocus on Protocol and eat what I journaled for the day. I continued to overeat and over desire through the weekend. I’ve gone through this eating cycle so many times in my life. I am so over it, please offer me guidance with thought work ideas to help me understand and stop this cycle. Thank you!