How do I lose weight when life is super busy and stressful?

I’ve been trying to lose weight the last couple of years (48-years-old and definitely battling mid life weight gain), but my life has been so stressful (we moved homes in the same city, my mom died unexpectedly 6 months later, and I took my dad into my home and cared for him for 10 months until his death last week 😔) that I’ve actually gained some. I would really love to lose 8 pounds in June, but we have an even bigger cross country move coming up (Utah to Minnesota) and between selling this house, finding one in MN, and anticipating the move itself with all the dynamics of my four kids (one we will leave behind truly alone at college for the first time, second one leaving in August in a service mission for two years, and two teenage girls I want to support in finding their way in our new community), I’m feeling like WHY EVEN TRY? Life feels too stressful and busy to even be thinking about micromanaging my weight loss. I‘m afraid I don’t have the brain space or energy for it.