Physical hunger– my new 50% discomfort?


My eating window is 2:30-8:30 (6 hrs; 2 meals). I have been very physically hungry the past few days from 10:00-2:30. I’ve been waking up at 8… I’m on summer break… not much going on all day.

I’m okay with the hunger and being with it (mostly). I don’t have a strong desire at all to EAT and no cravings, I’m just very aware of the hunger. I have been buffering some (sleeping or playing games on phone), but mostly still attending to my business.

I’ve been trying to “replace my fat identity” by questioning “how does a woman who weighs my goal weight think?” So my question is: Does a thin person keep thinking “I’m hungry”?

I wonder if I’m making thinking “I’m hungry” mean I’m always going to be hungry? IDK I really don’t mind it except for the physical discomfort that will come and go. And I don’t even really mind that. I’ve been “leaning into” it.

Will this just be my new 50% discomfort? Or should there be a future goal weight self thought to work towards?