Surgery & Weight Loss

Hi there!

Unintentional model:
C: I have to go through a hip surgery in July
T: The surgery will go wrong – they will break my teeth during intubation
F: Scared
A: Eating Kinder and ordering Burger King
R: Not achieving the 8 lbs weight loss

Other unintentional model:
C: I will have to stay in bed for one month and I won’t be able to do sports for 6 months
T: Covid was hard enough, I don’t want to live another 6 months of freedom deprivation
F: Depressed
A: Eat all kind of junk food
R: Not achieving my weight loss goal

Other unintentional model
C: I will get a surgery and my boyfriend will not be there during the operation
T: He does not love me because he prefers to go skiing with strangers rather than to be with me in difficult time
F: Worthless, not loved
A: Comforting with food
R: Gaining weight

Can you help me with these models ? I am very scared to become obese due to the operation, how can I get that under control ?
Thanks a million