1 thought download and 2 models every day?

Dear Coach,

I have become a Scholar only a few days ago. In some of the introduction materials (unfortunately I don’t remember where), it is stated that self coaching will produce the best results if we do one thought download and at least 2 models every day. My question is: Is it really necessary/advisable that I do a thought download every day to generate food for my 2 daily models?

So far, I have been very consistent with filling out 2 models per day but have done only 2 thought downloads in total – these 2 thought downloads have produced so many different negative thoughts that I have (and will be for a few days more) be able to feed off them for my 2 daily models – so, is it better to do a thought download every day, pick 2 thoughts to do models on and leave the rest, or to put all negative thoughts in one thought download into a model before doing the next thought download?

Also, what does it exactly mean to do 2 models every day according to this recommendation? Is it enough to just fill out 2 models? I feel that just filling out the models alone will not help much, as the crucial part of the work comes after that, i.e. changing the negative thought into something more positive and then practicing this new belief – can this really be done for 2 new models every day? To me, it sounds quite overwhelming.

Thank you for your help!