125 or bust part 2

I spent a lot of time thinking about my goal again since I read your response and yes, it feels impossible. My brain went nuts when I went from 135 to 125 (that’s too skinny, not healthy, you’ll look gaunt, you’ll never be able to maintain it, you’ll be fat again in no time) and the 135 feels pretty huge too. The biggest part for me is that I put the weight (and wine) issues behind me. I’ve spent too much time up and down the scale, dieting, fasting then overeating and over drinking. I want to leave this issue behind. I kill it for a month or two then allow my self to return to habits that don’t support me. Enough already.

Perhaps my real goal is “become someone who fuels her body appropriately as a way of life and loves it.” But 125 lbs is my way to make it measurable.