$12K “Stolen” From Me

Hey Brooke! A year ago, I invested $12K into a new business venture with a guy who had a big vision and lots of previous success. I’ve gotten $5K back – but he’s saying the business has changed and the $7K is a loss. However, simultaneously – for his new business – he’s showing off on FB and Instagram his beautiful new mansion, $200K car, private jet trips, etc. I feel scammed – but realistically, there’s not much that can be done to get back the $7K. It’s a loss.

I ran a model on my anger at him – and here’s what I uncovered:

C: Entrepreneur said “You will not get any more money back”
T: This crook scammed me out of my money!
F: Anger
A: Spend LOTS of time messaging him on FB messenger, poking him about where my money is
R: He’s getting MORE of my “money” – because I’m giving him my TIME that could be used in my own business to make $

SO — I thought “How do I WANT to feel about this?”

Now, I thought… “It’d be great to feel EXCITED about this” – but I’m thinking that may be too much of a leap. Or maybe just “peaceful” or “grateful” should be the feeling.

C: Entrepreneur said “You will not get any more money back”
T: I’m grateful I’m not in desperate need of that money and know I can simply make more of it.
F: Calm
A: Leave him alone and focus on my own business
R: Make more money in my own business

That’s probably a messy intentional thought model – but wondering if “calm” is enough – or should I find a way to be EXCITED about this? Excited seems like a stretch. I guess I’d just prefer to forget and move on from this – regardless of what he posts online.