18 year old “summer plans”

I moved a few months ago from one state to a neighboring one. My 18 year old daughter wanted to stay in our town close to friends and chose to move in with her father (we are divorced). My daughter has a history of taking her responsibilities less than seriously and not respecting boundaries about maintaining household chores, money limits, etc. when she lived with me. It caused a great deal of friction and resentment from my end.

She was fired from her waitressing job of 2 years last week and now wants to come live with me for the summer while collecting unemployment and work in teaching herself how to invest in cryptocurrency. When I said she would need to have a FT job and do the learning in free time, she was angry and said she needs the time to learn the skill.

I know when I tell her she will need to work FT and also contribute to household upkeep, she will not be happy. My concern is that she will move in and then not seek employment and also not help with the house, and I will end up resenting the relationship and stewing about it every day. How can I approach this? I’m new to the model and can’t quite figure out the info that gets plugged into each line.