Social interactions out of urge?

If I tell myself, “I have all the social connection I need to be fulfilled,” it doesn’t sound believable. I instead believe I am not experiencing enough connection in my life. I can feel connected, but I think I am “underearning” concerning social connections. There is a feeling of lack there. I still cannot see differently how much I try to wrap my mind around it, but for sure, I can land on “I am feeling a lack of connection created by my thoughts, and I want to create more.”

Should I wait till I feel zero lack before seeking connection? It seems like trapping a true desire for me. If I were to continue seeking connection, like I am doing right now, it keeps popping into my mind the concern of doing it anxiously. For example, if I am at a social event, and I see people around me that spark my curiosity, my brain has the desire to interact with them. How much is it a desire or how much an urge? Hard to tell from my side, but perhaps you have some criterium to offer to tell the difference?

One answer I gave myself was to check in my body if there was a hurry at the moment than an urge coming from lack (so I had better create abundance within before deciding to interact). At the same time, this looks a bit impractical. The risk is I will stay more and more with an inner focus. For instance, if I had a true desire to visit a dear friend in another city, and I have to take the train. There is the train, and it is about to leave. I desire to catch the train, and I feel in a hurry to do so, but that does not mean it is an urge, right? Similarly, the people around me won’t stick around forever. I don’t want to be in a hurry, but I want to catch the opportunity when it is presented… I feel a bit confused about this. Could you please offer some insights? Thanks!