1st week? Done. 2nd week? Done. 3rd week? Crushed it. 4th week? Not so much…


The first week? Organized bedroom closet. Second week? Bathroom cabinets, car, & office. Third week? gourmet kitchen, (which was quite challenging and I had to do a chunk each day since the space was so large, but I did it!) I’m on a roll and feel transformative in many ways and was so excited! Until…

this afternoon, the fourth week I’ve dubbed for my garage… I attempted today and became overwhelmed by my thoughts on it. So much stuff, I don’t know where to start. After 2 hours at it, I didn’t get near far enough to where I wanted… and I’m disappointed.

My sister and I own this home together, and currently she lives and works in a different state. I want to be respectful of her items, but we really need to get rid of and either sell (because we do have quite a few valuables) and/or give away to charity.

How do you recommend getting rid of items in the garage that aren’t only yours? For example, if you and your sister both inherited valuable pieces and technically own them together, what would you say and how would you approach it to get her on board?

Thank you,
Melodee Forbes