2 Jenn’s and January $$ worth – AMD

The coaching call from 1/12/2018 was amazing. I’m so-so-so glad Brooke, that you kept coaching when the second Jenn got on and said she was already coached….Back to back coaching on trying to control others was so powerful.
Guess what? I’m trying to control everyone who reports to me.
Even better? It’s not working.
Better than that? I’m telling myself if their journey isn’t rainbows and unicorns, it’s because I’m not doing a good enough job at getting them to change -AND – I’m scaring the shit out of all of us while I’m doing it.
How crazy is that?? Man, a whole lot of people are going to have a much better work experience the minute I stop doing that. I can always tell when I’m getting my money’s worth because I have a desk covered with model pages. I only bring out the official pad for the official crazy. 
Insert dozens of unintentional models here. Finally, I decided to start with the result I wanted & work backward – and it turned out to be a pair of models –

C: Work requires skills
T: I’m responsible for delivering results, being open, honest and kind – because I’m the CEO of me, and that’s what I expect from myself.
F: Responsible for my actions
A: Lay out clear expectations regarding specific, measurable results. Offer plenty of opportunities to the team. Be clear about what the team needs to do, and what each person needs to do. Be very frequent with feedback as to their delivery of results.
R: Team delivers on goals to the best of their ability, new skills are learned by those who want to and are able to learn them.

C: Work requires skills
T: I’m not responsible for their journey
F: compassionate but not responsible
A: Stop scaring them
R The team gets to be who they are and I get to be OK that. I get to appreciate each one of them for who they are, and I get to be OK if I need to let someone go.

Oh My God. Could that really be my work life???
Yes. Yes it can.