marco- evening rewards

A continuation of evening entitlement/rewards- model work- I need some help
Unintentional C: End of day
T: “I deserve a reward at the end of the day /week”
F: indulgent, entitled
A: Find something outside of myself to give me pleasure/reward
R- External reliance- go off plan
Intentional- here I started with the FEELING line to work at getting a better thought- but I’m having trouble with it
C- end of day
T: ” Every small decision you make, gets you closer to your goal”
F: proud- satisfied-pleased (I like to put more than one feeling in there as long as they are related- helps me find more thoughts)
A: Find on plan routine for evening wind down- ie make and enjoy a hot cup of lavender tea
R- stay on plan and be happy with myself- stop being an emotional child??