2 options–which to pursue first?

I have been giving a lot of thought to how I could create more value in the world and generate more income for my family and me.  I feel like I have work to do, that there is value to provide and money just waiting out there for me. I’ve come up with 2 specific ways in which I believe I could probably create value and generate income.  But how do I do I know which one I should pursue first?

1) Option 1 involves putting myself out there more personally.  It feels less safe and secure but more interesting and fun.  It feels more true to who I want to be and feels future facing.
2) Option 2 builds on the work I’ve been doing professionally for years.  However, I had moved away from that work because I did not want to do it anymore and did not want to work with that subject matter.  At the same time, I feel like this is expertise and experience that I could more quickly and easily leverage into value and income.

It could be that part of the issue is I feel like I don’t have enough accolades to be taken seriously and to build a strong enough following with option 2. However, I could truly say the same for Option 1 as well.  This “who am I to do this?” thought seems hard for me to work through.  How do I choose between these two options?