2 stages of replacing thoughts (la)

I’m seeing two stages in learning / using new thoughts.

First I use thoughts that remind me that I CAN choose my thoughts and feelings. They look like this, “I can choose my thoughts and feelings.” “I’m in charge.” “It comes back to me.”

This develops my awareness, my paradigm shift that it’s really all me. I’m mostly here.

Then there’s a stage where my thoughts don’t just remind me I’m in charge, they can offer me an alternate perspective. Example: My daughter felt overwhelmed with homework and started wailing, “I can’t do this!!!” The alternate thought that worked for her – “I just need someone to show me with beads.” Whole situation transformed for her. For me, when I feepressured by time and how much I want to do I replace “It’s too much” with “Even a little bit of time is enough to accomplish something.”

I’m learning to do stage 2. (A replacement thought I can use sometimes.) I want to develop this skill because I like the results. I haven’t yet found ease doing it. Most of the time (not all the time) my replacement thoughts are from category 1.

I’m being so careful how I write this to try to keep it factual and to address thoughts (it’s too hard) as they come up.

I’ve got thoughts on this I can model. I’ll be responsible for that. From you I ask, any guidance on crafting thoughts for category 2?