20 oz of Vegetables

I’ve never loved vegetables. Protein was always the star for me. And the sandwiches. Now not doing flour or sugar and trying to get the vegetables. I can do salad but not a fan. When I do eat a salad I can get it up to @7 oz at lunch. I figure I’ll concentrate on the cabbage, greens, broccoli and Brussel sprouts since they weigh more. It’s easy to get the vegetables if I’m adding a potato or rice but I don’t want to do that often

C 20 oz of vegetables
T Too hard to get that amount
F Discouraged
A Weighed them at lunch and dinner
R Struggled to get 14 oz

C 20 oz of vegetables
T I’ll slowly get to that amount
F Confident
A Focus on denser vegetables
R I’ll get to 20 oz for the day by building meals @ those vegetables