2018 goal and fails

Hi Brooke,

I am deciding between 2 goals for 2018. One is weight loss. I came to SCS specifically for this and have made a lot of progress coaching one on one with the fabulous Martha. I’ve stopped binge eating completely! But I haven’t lost any weight yet, and I have 25 lbs to lose. So weight loss seems like the obvious choice for a goal, but I feel like a year is too long and that I want to reach my goal sooner than that. Another goal that is really calling me is significantly reducing my debt. I have 6 figure debt from medical school and a little bit of credit card debt lingering. Should I work on both st the same time?
Also, can you please give me some guidance on fails that would go along with either goal? Overeating when I plan not to, or spending rather than paying down debt are obvious but escape fails. I’m having trouble thinking of worthy fails that would pertain to my goals.