My 2018 plan with self coaching scholars! :)

Hello Brooke!!!

(This is not a question- it’s more like a “this is my 2018 plan” and I’m just letting it be known)

Oh my gosh. I’m in scholars!! So excited. 🙂Sorry for writing a novel, but I’m so eager to share why I signed up for self coaching scholars!

*ahem…clears throat*

I discovered your podcast back in June of 2017. I’m not going to lie, but a lot of your teachings made me angry and cry at first. This was my first huge realization that I was wrong my whole life and I desperately needed help. So now here I am, lol. I’m ready to get over myself and learn!!

My ultimate goal for 2018 is to find out who I truly am without food. I understand this will take tremendous amounts of effort, but I am willing to do it. I’ve realized that I am worth this effort to make my life better. Here are my 2018 plans:

•I want to end my people pleasing bullshit once and for all. Meaning I want to overcome that lifestyle and never be that women again. Like ever. No matter what it takes I wish to heal that inner part of me that manipulates for approval.

•I want to become my own woman. This means I want to make my own decisions unapologetically and with zero guilt. I want to get to a point where I don’t desire others approval no matter what the circumstance is.

•I wish to get to a point where I can lose my weight and NOT need any compliments or feel the need to showcase my weight loss. (Weird thing to say I know) but I truly just want to love myself enough that I dont need anything at all outside of myself to “keep my success alive” the rest of my life. I want to develop the skill of complimenting myself regularly and understanding that I’m worthy to be slender.

•I’m tired of being a jealous woman. I realize this is childhood thinking, but I still struggle with it enough to the point of heartbreak. I’m so sick of being this woman! Healing this will be a tough pill to swallow but I don’t care- I’m ready to grow up.

•I want to shift my thoughts entirely in such a way that I no longer have this judgy/bitter outlook on others lives. I had no idea I was such a judgmental woman until I did a REAL thought download. Yikes. Holy shit. I’m hoping that a lot of other women have mean awful thoughts like I do. Either way, I’m willing to share.

•I wish to discover my own style. This might be challenging for me because I have like 80-100!lbs pounds to lose, but I have to start somewhere I suppose! I think this part of the journey will be the most fun for me.

•I wish to understand how to properly love myself. (Odd way to say it I know) But I have a very confused outlook on how a woman is “allowed” to take care of herself without being selfish. I was raised to think that women who take extra care of themselves are “vain and bad”. Now that I’m making my own decisions, I wish to look at this a whole new way. Being judgy and jealous is keeping me the victim in this, and I desperately want a change!! I want to change this because it will make me a genuinely nicer woman rather than a people pleasing fake one.

So here it is!!!

These are the things weighing me down in life.
My husband and I have been married for 3 years. We live here in Austin Texas and have no kids yet. We do not have any family that lives near by, so this has been a true test for us to learn and grow together.

That basically sums up my life!!!

Thank you so much for being who you are called to be. Personally, I believe that God led me to your podcast to help me because He knew that I needed it.

I’m so excited for this journey to come!!!

Much love
Debbie Collins