2021 Goals – need some help!

Hi all –

I have several goals I really really want to accomplish in 2021. I am ready to make some big changes – I have thought about these plans for years, I have enough money, I have the means and resources to do this. The only thing in my way is my fear, mostly of quitting my job. I guess I’m looking for some validation that I CAN accomplish all of these things, that I’m not trying to do too many things, and how I should go about achieving these things.

Here they are:
Apply for and get my dual citizenship (Canada / US)
Quit my job on March 31
Launch evergreen funnel on January 1
Get to 120lbs and be fit and stay at that weight (lose 15lbs)
Freeze my eggs in May
Sell condo (in March, April may ish)
Launch social media campaign for coaching business
Launch a second coaching program, develop a new niche
Move, either to Austin or Tulum
Find my future husband

I’ve been so stuck all my life, I’m very accomplished but rather unhappy. How can I make sure that I accomplish these things, once and for all?