24 hour food plan

Hi! I have decided that I am going to follow a no sugar no flour food plan as adviced by Brooke. I remember that she said you should be as precise as possible in the 24 hour plan. I can also remember that Brooke said that everybody has to create their own food plan in order to not become rebellious against what she suggests. In the SCS weight loss workbook there are fixed quantities for the protein, grain and fruit servings. Does that mean that I should stick to those quantities? Or should I determine by myself how many oz of protein, grain or fruit I am going to eat? In the past I have tried to follow the Bright Line Eating Food plan, that has the same quantities of protein, grains and fruit as in the SCS weight loss workbook, but also defines exact quantities for vegetables and fat. Is it adviseable to follow the Bright Line Eating food plan with its strict and precise measurements?
Another question is how precise the 24 hour plan has to be: should I really write down the quantities for each food I want to eat (I don´t mind because I don´t have a problem weighing my food).
Thanks in advance!