25 epic fails don’t fit on the quarter calendar

My 25 epic fails include quite a few that require significant time investment – e.g. start a podcast, publish 6 episodes; produce a freebie; hold a seminar event at FSPC; lead one of my regular workshops (I’ve led 3 thus far); speak as a guest on a podcast; develop a 6-week program.
These are already out of my comfort zone by themselves, which I love! And I believe that in time I’ll be able to grow to do all those things. When I think about having all of them in a single quarter, that seems totally impossible, not reasonable, and definitely not wise to attempt to do all of them, especially ones that involve promising things to other people and then failing to deliver, or ones that could hurt my reputation because I’m not ready enough in my training (sexuality coaching; I have one certification, this year I’m going for a second, deeper, more involved one), and thus hurting my future instead of doing things at the right time.

When I started calendaring them out, they simply don’t fit on my first quarter calendar. Should I fit as many of them on my calendar as they fit and then commit to only those (10 of them), and drop the other 15? Does that mean I’ve failed ahead of time for the 15 that I dropped by not even starting them? My brain seems very confused about this.