2tbsp of fat per meal

Hi Brooke,

I wanted to ask you about the 2tbsp of fat thing.

I have been LOVING IF and everything you taught in stop overeating has been life changing. I wanted to lose 25lbs and I’ve lost 5lbs since Jan 1. I’m very proud of this, although I was hoping that the weight loss would happen faster. (Sidenote: IF is life changing and has been totally incorporated into my lifestyle with ease – thank you for that gift.)

I work out a lot and pretty hard and it feels amazing. But I’ve been noticing that I’m starting to get hungry between my 2 meals and feeling like I need a snack (my stomach literally growls so I know it is physical hunger). I wonder if I’m eating enough fat at my meals? When you say 2tbsp of fat, does that extend to nuts as well or just dressing? I’m wondering if due to my activity level if I could add more fat into my diet or if you’d recommend adding protein? My concern is obviously slowing my progress even slower than it already is…I’m losing weight, but it is slow (1-2lbs every two weeks) and I wonder if maybe I’m not eating enough? I don’t eat sugar, I don’t eat flour, I am allergic to eggs and dairy so don’t eat either of those.

I’ve been reading a lot on the Primal Diet and it looks like Mark eats over 100g of fat per day and maintains his weight. What are your thoughts on that?

Have you had any clients who are very active like me, who are using IF with success but the weight loss is slow? What have you suggested in the past as far as dietary tweaks that have helped your clients continue to lose weight successfully?