3 ways I’m using SCS

There are at least 3 ways SCS is helping my life
1. I’m down 34 lbs! Hello, that’s awesome. I now have a goal to get smaller than I was in high school. That means another 50 lbs, but I can actually believe this is an option for me now. Great!
2. My nephews- I’m still working on this, appreciate the thought ideas and live coaching. Especially about focusing on my thoughts. At first it seems counter intuitive or selfish, but keeping my head straight gives me the best opportunities to actually serve him when possible. I just love him and I’m here for him.
3. I’ve started a business! I didn’t get a job I interviewed for, so I did some thought work and have taken steps to do what I’ve always wanted which is share my story with others. Specifically the story of my marriage through medical school, residency, difficult jobs, 6major moves, 5 boys, and returning to training.
I’ve decided to start sharing my story in a podcast! This is a great format for me and once I decided, things took shape quickly! I have a website, an editor, someone to help me with the blog, etc.
I have a launch date for social media and website of Dec. 1 and a launch date for the podcast of Jan 5th.
So far, I’m getting great responses. I have interviews set up with people
I don’t know personally, but want to be on the show.
I want to be the facilitator connecting those married to docs to experts that discuss issues relevant to our lives.
I do get hung up in that this isn’t a business per se. I’m not monetizing anyway at this point.
I don’t have a product.- I’m not coaching or offering programs. The result and the reasons I think I’ll get listeners is 1. A sense of community – we aren’t alone 2. Stories (mine as well as ones others share). 3. Solutions and ideas from experts.

I am on the interview list for life coach training 2018 and want to explore coaching more specifically women who are married to surgeons and resent their husbands career (and feel like crap for doing so)

Anyway, all this to say thanks for all the help and encouragement. And to ask for your opinion on the podcast.
I’ve considered waiting to launch it, but the universe has come together and the launch is going so well, I think this is the time!
I’m excited and scared as can be…