30 day no-drinking trial?

Hi Brooke,

My therapist told me I have a drinking problem. We do Skype and I showed up to a session with a glass of wine, didn’t even realize it because it was 6 PM my time (i.e. wine time). I am a functioning adult with a great life, but I have become aware of how much I drink and how it affects me #netnegative. 12-15 drinks a week has been normal for me for a long time. My therapist says that anything over 6 drinks a week for a woman is considered heavy drinking.

I’m feeling super curious about how much better I will feel and look if I stopped drinking. I suspect that tapering down with planned drinking in the way you’ve outlined in your SO class is the smarter way to go, but part of me wants to go cold turkey because I can’t wait to see the benefits. Does it make sense to try it out for 30 days, or am I fooling myself?