3rd day on eating protocol – is this normal?

I went through the overeating workshop in its entirety and am committed to losing weight by eliminating my food and alcohol buffering. I am doing a 6 hour eating window from 1:30 – 7:30 PM, when I will eat 2 meals. I have also eliminated flour, sugar, and alcohol.
1) I made it through the 1st day without an issue, but days 2 and 3 have been rough physically. I am VERY hungry and not just craving (yes, I would eat a plain chicken breast now), and I’m having a lot of growling and stomach pains. I am thinking this is just the withdrawal stage, but I’m worried I changed too much in my diet too quickly. I am keeping a food diary by using the “MyFitnessPal” app, so I see that my calorie intake is only around 700 each day. The issue is, when it is time to eat, I am eating until I’m full, so I don’t know how to squeeze in more calories. Do you think what I’m doing and the symptoms I’m experiencing are normal for this stage? Do I need to eat more?
2) Because I am so hungry and don’t feel well, I am finding it very hard to motivate myself to get moving in the morning (I work from home). I feel like I’m waiting around for that first meal.
I am committed to not changing my protocol so quickly, but I’m worried I created one that was too extreme to begin with.
Thank you!