90 Day Relationship with Husband — How honest should I be with him?

I like the idea of doing a 90 day relationship with my husband. I have been having regret about getting married to him, and indecisive in committing to the marriage, and also indecisive about ending it. My reason for doing the 90 day relationship is to really give the relationship a chance to see if its possible to make it work and if I don’t feel in love and fully alive and excited about our relationship at the end of the 90 days I want to make a commitment to myself that I’ll have the courage to end it. However, my husband doesn’t feel the same way — he really loves me and loves being with me (even though I’m not the best partner right now — very disconnected from him and not affectionate and loving while he continues to be loving towards me). So, I don’t want to hurt him by telling him that I’m thinking about ending our marriage if this 90 day relationship doesn’t create the love, desire, connection, vibrancy I want in our marriage. Should I tell him that? I want to be 100% honest and truthful, but I feel that if I’m 100% truthful about my thoughts and feelings it will be hurtful towards him and I’m wondering if that will help or hinder our 90 day relationship experience.