Hi Brooke,

I feel a little silly asking this question, but would love your input:

I am joining the LCS Coach Training in April 2019. Before that time, I’m doing my 25 fails to become someone ready for Coach Training, and I feel good about that.

I notice though, that I am spending a fair bit of time worrying right now. I worry at some point every day, which is ok – my brain is trying on new thoughts and doing something new, so it’s to be expected – and I let it move through me. But I find it the worst when I’m with my family or my friends or doing anything fun. The fear thoughts come on like “when I become a coach I’ll never be able to stop worrying about my business” or “I’ll always need to be thinking about my business, even when I’m in play mode.” I can’t seem to stop the worrying, even though it’s all pretty silly and general.

What should I do to stop worrying so much? I’m living in the future in a miserable way and want to be present, and ideally, not worrying.