A Dying Process

Hi Brooke,
C. Watching someone slowly die
T. This process is scary and unfixable
F. Scared helpless sad
A. Don’t know what to do
R. Can’t be fully there

C. watching someone slowly die
T. This is too much to deal with
F. Lost
A. Hold my own breath
R. Non participation

C. Watching someone slowly die.
T. It is hard to watch and wait
F. No feeling
A. Hold emotion
R. Can’t be emotional

C. Watching someone slowly die
T. It is a privilege to be with another human being as he slowly dies.
F. Sad
A. Breathe and stay present
R. Honour self and other

I want to live the intentional model but it is so hard. Yes, I can do hard things but this is the most difficult ever.