Stop crying

Hi Brooke,
I am working on thought models and stumped in one area. Sometimes I feel so wounded and hurt that I cry. Usually I do this alone and no one knows which I am happy about. However, sometimes I am so angry that I worry I will cry in front of the person. I don’t want to cry in front of them, it will change things and really make me feel embarrassed. I know you might say it’s my thinking on feeling bad about crying but honestly I’m not ready to do that. Any suggestions on how to suppress tears?
I want to ignore my family today just avoid them. They make fun of me ( not a thought, everyone in the room would agree) and I’m just drained and want them to know that if you are not respectful then I won’t sit with you. However I’m scared I will cry when telling them this. Any suggestions on how to be strong and assertive in moments like this would be truly appreciated!! Thank you in advance.

I am already doing affirmations to build myself up and realize their comments do not matter in the big scheme of things. However it’s still a process.