A simple thank you.

My office was closed the last two days for snow (a great C) and I spent both days watching the How to Feel Better class and catching up on the SCS phone calls and listening to this month’s podcasts. (a great A) Wow. I am on fire! I’m coming to the in-person Self Coaching Scholars training in February. My husband encouraged me to join the online class in preparation. Now I realize that this “prep” is far more profound and life shifting than I would have imagined. But my enthusiasm may be alienating… My 16 year daughter is indulging me as I share my latest light bulb… “What if you thought about college selection, boys, math tests, future planning this way instead of that way.” Wonder why she’s hanging out in her bedroom … all the time. Doesn’t she find this inspiring? My husband has been hiding in his music room playing guitar instead of listening to my models. How odd… Doesn’t he find this sexy? Anyway, they are both thrilled by my enthusiasm (wait until I return from Dallas… Helloh.) and I am grateful to you for a renewed sense of WOW and growth and potential and big plans for myself. I’ve already got my cowboy boots packed… See you in two weeks!