a year in scholars and success!

Hi fabulous coaches.

I’m almost ready to celebrate my 1st year in scholars. It’ll happen on July 1. I think I’m awesome for sticking with this work, nearly 365 days of journaling, countless coaching calls, volunteering to be coached, asking for help on here. So much fun and so amazing. In this time, I’ve: lost and kept off 17 pounds, significantly cut back on my drinking, changed my relationship with my stepkids, changed my relationship with my job, gotten certified through the LCS and have started building my coaching practice. I am convinced that I have an extraordinary life. I know I can do great things. I’m not afraid.

And today, after a month of asking for so many things for free, it finally happened. SO FUN. 1 month of dares – my least favorite month but also the one I needed the most and the perfect way to mark my almost year anniversary. Love this work. It’s saved my life. I guess I saved my life. But you guys gave me all the C’s that I was looking for 🙂