Accepting husbands behavior when our child is involved

Hi amazing coaches,

Please help me out to know how to deal with my issue of feeling frustrated over thoughts about my husband when he lets our 6 year old son watch what I feel is inappropriate content on you tube.

C Husband shows you tube videos of prank videos, a kid crashing on a skate board, then a little kid kicking high and hits another boy in the face-husband laughs at both incidents.
T – This is too much and inappropriate. Why does he not think what is best for our child. This is not teaching anything good and is not funny.
F – Sad that he thinks it is ok content for our child. Angry that he doesn’t think more. upset that he always wants to be on the phone.
A – I tell him that I do not think it is good content and ask what he thinks (in soft kind voice).
R – Husband gets mad and says ” It was funny things before you came” I just can’t do anything right, can I. I feel hopeless.

I feel so much better with his certain behaviors and been working on models and if it ha to do with him and me I feel I better can deal with it. It is really hard when I feel it is something related to our son and I feel I want to do what is best for him. How can I just let it go and accept that husband do certain things that will not benefit our Childs growth? I don’t want our child to think it is fun or something to laugh about if others are hurt.