According to my Mom, lol (a Psychologist) belief precedes thought. Insight?

My mom and I were talking and I told her that I enrolled in Certification to become a Life Coach. She’s a Psychologist. She seemed curious and was asking questions. I told her about The Model. We chatted about it and when I mentioned the part about beliefs being thoughts we’ve thought over and over she said, “Oh, that’s not true.” She says that beliefs are a result of experience and precede thought. She says we form a belief (as a result of an experience) and that shapes our thoughts.

Seems curious that you could have any kind of reaction to an experience without a thought first. To me it makes perfect sense that a belief is “formed” through a pattern of thought. So, thought would need to precede a belief.

Anyway, is this a typical distinction between a Life Coach’s approach and a Psychologist’s approach? My thought was that she was discounting the work I’m doing in SCS and will be doing with clients in the future. So I’m doing models on that with regard to managing my mind around our relationship.

I’d also appreciate a Certified Coach’s insight on the topic. Thank you!