Hi Brooke,
I’ve been pushing myself to give 110% at work and I’m exhausted. I’ve been going over my work with a fine tooth comb and doing my best. I’ve requested a new medical assistant and been given one although I wasn’t advised of this by admin. I wasn’t even told he was interviewing to work with me. The problem is we are short an MA so my new MA is working with another provider and I’m still trying to work with my old one. No plans are shared with me going forward. I’m doing thought downloads and models but I think I’ve just had it. Talking to the office manager wasn’t helpful as she has pegged me as a complainer and basically I should mind my own business. She is new on the job, but we definitely are butting heads due to her encouraging the MAs to tattle on me instead of addressing their questions to me. I work 10 hr days in pain management and I try to hold it together but it’s frustrating to continue to do my job and keep an eye on my MA to make sure she doesn’t make mistakes on things she should understand at this point. I’m trying to put together my life coach business using your tools on my days off. That’s where I find joy and excitement. I want to attend your training next year, but want to get this started on my own this year and hopefully quit my current job at the end of this year or sooner. It’s very tempting to quit now and work hard on getting my coaching business up and running. I know you say not to quit until you’ve worked through whatever it is you’re dealing with and I’m trying. Short of sitting in my office and backing off from any conflict, rolling over basically, I’m just over the whole thing. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even know who I am anymore.