Action line question

I was reading another ask Brooke entry and it applied to my situation but left me a little confused too.
I followed your advice that said that past attempts haven’t worked because they have been focused on the A line and that focusing on finding the thought that is making it hard is what needs to happen. So I did this with my not following my protocol and like 10 thoughts poured out. Thoughts like: it doesn’t matter, I’m fat anyway, no one is looking at me, and on and on. All lead to a feeling of apathy and a result of not really being committed enough and not reaching my goal. This was eye opening for me as I have been struggling with this since I joined in March and it seems to be getting worse. My question is this: what do I do with all those thoughts? Do models on each? And shoukd I do intentional models on each to shift the energy? Should I make a list of all the thoughts that would support reaching my goal? Because the intentional models on this topic so far haven’t been effective probably because i have so many negative thoughts undermining them. Please help. Thanks so much.