adding onto my impossible goal

Hi! I set my impossible goal in December to pay off my student loan of 18,000 this year. As I have focused my mind over the past month or so on generating more income and the ways I actually CAN pay this off, I realize this goal is not impossible enough for me. I will pay this off this year. I have paid 4,000 in just a month and know that I can pay this off this year. I bring this up because I want to add to my impossible goal and wanted your thoughts on doing this.

I’ve wanted to start a macro based coaching program for a long time. I say “coaching” meaning just macros, not life coaching (that will come later after I’ve committed to my own life coaching over the next year and then gone through your coaching class). I have the knowledge and the people I see that are successful with their macro coaching businesses aren’t any different than me. We all share a passion for this and a desire to help people with weight loss. The difference I see though is that with my program in the next couple years, I would incorporate my learnings from my work I do in the life coach school. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t get started on the macro coaching though and begin creating content with the knowledge I have on macros. My husband is a web designer and developer. He can help me with that part. I have 2 people that have asked me for help with macros. I set their macros for them and offered them 4 free weeks of coaching. In my mind, it’s good practice and I have nothing to lose offering that. If they get results, they might hire me for a program. If not, I’ve still gotten some experience.

I guess my question is this: Is this a good plan? Am I not supposed to stray from my original impossible goal? This goal seems more impossible to me. Maybe not impossible, just more of a challenge. I actually think this should have been my goal all along. Like I said though, my original goal doesn’t feel so impossible now. Or maybe I am just realizing that I literally can DO anything I focus my mind on.