Additional 1-1 Coaching

Dear Brooke, I love SCS and have had so much value from it this past year and I intend to continue. I am also considering signing up for a yearly 1-1 coaching program for more personal support in making changes across different areas. Despite all my progress I feel unsettled and indecisive in many areas and I need to work on money and relationships as well as self care. Although she’s not a Life Coach trained coach I have worked with this coach before and really liked her – she knows and gets me & coaching was helpful and supportive…maybe more akin to counseling than life coaching? If money were no object I’d definitely go ahead. The issue is she charges $500 a session. It feels too much – I’d be spending money I don’t easily have – but also I so much want to do it. Is $500 high for a great coach? Is there any way I can tell the difference between a Frank Kern type investment (ie expensive but totally worth it) and spending to feel better? I’d so value your thoughts.